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jdnjkacompressor blower suppliers
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(3AC)PhaseFrequencyMotorVoltageCurrentMax airflowRated vacuumRated pressureSound levelWeight
(Hz)(hp) kwVAcfm m³/hrIn.H2O mbarIn.H2O mbar(dB)kg
2PB 920 H47Double5033.6 25345-415△,600-720Y52.0△,30.0Y653 1110176 440236 59074211
6038.9 29380-480△,660-720Y52.0△,30.0Y770 1310176 440216 54078
Connect the machine to the piping system by flexible connectors, avoiding rigid connections that may cause mechanical strengths and cause harmful vibrations.
The connection pipes must not overload the silencers.
Only remove the sealing plugs immediately before connection.
It is necessary to dismount the flanges in order to connect the accessories.
Choose adequate accessories and correct size of pipes in order to avoid performance losses.
-It is not advisable to install pipes with a diameter smaller than the inlet/outlet connections, in order to avoid obstruction and overloads;
-The manifold and the main piping must be adequately dimensioned when machines are installed in parallel;
-High radius curves pipes should be preferred to elbows;
-Do not install valves with internal passage lower than port nominal diameter and spring mounted check vales (performance losses are lower with clapet valves);
-In case of installation for air distribution, low resistance diffusers shall be preferred.
It is advisable to install a safety valve to avoid pressure overloads.
Connect the motor and check the rotating direction before piping connection.
The shaft direction of rotation is marked by an arrow on the fan guard of the electric motor.
The gas delivery direction is marked with arrows on both suction and discharge connections.
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24/12/2017  06:17